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We build stereo coolers that are designed to endure harsh environments while tubing or canoeing, the beach, lakes, softball games, 4-wheeling, BBQs or just to bring out by the pool.

Systems are built into coolers of different sizes depending on the application and can come with or without wheels. You may also provide your own cooler or equipment!

We build coolers with a head unit or to adapt directly to your ipod. Most of our coolers are dual purpose which can still be used to store food and drinks! Ask about adding your favorite team logo, company logo or L.E.D. lights in your cooler!

All setups come with a battery and charger! Battery life is at least 8 hours and up to several days (depending on volume level) before needing to charge. Charging time varies from 4-8hours.

We can work with almost any budget however, our coolers are made with quality products for people who want serious sound and durability! Stereo coolers range from $225 & up. Any combination cooler, speakers, head unit, or amp can be done. We can also add a 12volt outlet to charge your iPod/phone. If you don't see what you're looking for, Please contact us for custom pricing or any questions.

Don't settle for silence or listening to someone else's boring music.  "Coolerize Your Tunes" and be the life of the party next time you go out!

Due to high summer demand, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery depending on your location. Rush orders are available. Call for details. 409-892-5438 Bluetooth devices are now available.

Featured products

Featured products